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Faith bombshell

Surviving a terrorist bomb blast convinced George Watts in the existence of God...

GEORGE Watts was driving his military vehicle on patrol in Cyprus when he suddenly noticed two black objects hurtling towards him.

The next thing he remembered was waking up in hospital with shrapnel wounds.

His commanding officer told him later that nationalist terrorists had thrown two bombs from a top floor window at his Land Rover. It took a direct hit.

George, 77, from Bishopthorpe, York, said he has believed in God ever since that incident five decades ago.

"I shouldn't have had any chance at all," he said.

"The bombs exploded right on the truck.

"I didn't know anything about it and woke up in hospital. I realised that there must have been somebody up there looking after me. I believed that God had saved me."

Despite his new-found faith, George said he could never find time for church because of work commitments in the Military Police and later on the railways where he was employed for many years.

All that changed on his retirement when he became an active member of St Andrew's Church, in Bishopthorpe.

"I decided to throw my whole heart into the life of the church and it means everything to me now," said George, who has one son.

"I've got more faith now than I ever have. I've learnt a lot through reading the Bible and listening to our vicar. I believe in Jesus Christ and all the marvellous things he has done for us."

George lost his wife Leona 18 months ago after a long battle against illness. He said his faith has grown even stronger as he has dealt with the grief and been supported by members of the congregation.

"My good lady never went to church but still had her own faith," he said.

"When she died I had amazing support from people at church.

"Even now I still get lonely but know I have to keep going. Saying my prayers gives me such peace.

"Those bombs dropping on me all those years ago were definitely my wake up call when it came to faith. I try to tell everyone about God now."