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Mad, Bad or God?

David Ingram, 44, a chemical engineer, from Hull weighs up the question was Jesus Christ mad, bad, or God...

WAS Jesus Christ mad, bad or God? This was the question weighed up by David Ingram during Christian basics courses he attended at his local church in Hull.

The chemical engineer analysed and debated the arguments – as only a scientist could - before making a decision that would set him on a life-changing journey of faith.

"I looked at this question as a scientist analysing all the different factors," David said.

"I decided that I couldn't see Jesus as mad, he clearly wasn't bad so it only left the one answer. This generated more questions and I knew then that I was on a journey and Christianity was definitely worth considering."

David, 44, a father-of-three, was not from a religious background and his first introduction to church was when he got married to his wife Tracey at St Aidan's, East Hull, in 1986.

The baptism of the couple's son, Christopher, rekindled Tracey's interest in Christianity as her parents had taken to the church as a child.

David said: "Tracey became more and more involved and I was happy for her to take the children along as I wanted them to make their own minds up. I had no strong beliefs either way but began going to some of the men's activities."

The turning point came when David's friend from the group invited him on a six-week Start Course, aimed at discovering more about the Christian faith.

"Steve came to faith fairly late in life and it was hearing his story that made me go on the course," he said.

"I'd hoped it would answer some of my big questions. I really enjoyed Start but it was some time before I took the next step."

It was not until nearly a year later that David felt compelled to attend an Alpha course which took things onto another level.

"My discussions became a lot more in-depth and I started to attend church regularly," he said.

"I've generally been quite a good guy in my life but I just felt there was something missing.

"Now that gap has been filled by my faith.

"My whole Christian journey started through socialising with people in church. Personal invitation is so important.

"Jesus to me is like having a father, a good friend and a teacher all rolled into one. He is always there for me."

David is now even more involved in the St Aidan's men's group and is planning to lead his own Start! Course.

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