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Yorkshire Widowed Social Group

On an outing to Rivington Hall About the Yorkshire Widowed Social Group

Our group has been in existence since 1975 as a branch of the National Association of Widows.  In 2009, we became the Yorkshire Widowed Social Group  which allows us to offer social facilities for people in Yorkshire. 

We are a small friendly group which is run for all widowed people or for the surviving partner of any relationship.   Currently our ages range from 60 to over 90.

We meet from 2.00 pm to 4.00 pm on the first and third Sunday afternoons of each month in the Cosmopolitan Hotel, 2, Lower Briggate, Leeds 2LS1 4AE. 

At our meetings we have a variety of guest speakers, projector shows, quizzes, games, a cup of tea/coffee and cakes.  We have parties to mark various events throughout the year, coach, cinema and restaurant trips but, most importantly, a good time with lots of laughs.

Gaining strength and growing friendships

Every one of our members has been in the desperate situation of physical and emotional turmoil caused by the loss of a partner, some recently and some many years ago.  We all know exactly how it feels and, although everyone’s particular experience is different, all of us have gained strength, companionship and friendships from joining our group and have found that we still have a fulfilling life to lead and a valid contribution to make.

Some of our members are also telephone befrienders and can offer support, in this way or using email, for as long as is required. 

We know from past experience that everyone who joins us enjoys and benefits from the times we have together and we look forward to the continuing future success of our group with the Archbishop of York as our Patron.

Our aim is to ensure that the feelings of isolation and depression which can overcome anyone who has lost a partner will be allayed by the realization that there are still good times ahead.

Joan Hewitt, Chair, Yorkshire Widowed Social Group.

The Archbishop of York has been Patron of the Yorkshire Widowed Social Group since 2009.