The 98th Archbishop of York, Stephen Cottrell.

Archbishop of York

Stephen Cottrell

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Drawing of a garden with a path running through it and the words Watch and Pray

Resources for Lent

The Church of England's Lent theme for 2024 is Watch and Pray: Wisdom and hope for Lent and life.

Front cover of a book P is for Pilgrim  in gold lettering on a drawn picture of people following a winding path

P is for Pilgrim

The Christian Faith: A Journey from A to Z

A new book published 15 February

Man on cross with dog at the foot


A book for Lent and Holy Week 
now in paperback

Purple ring with Faith in the North written around the edge and a cross and path inside the circle

Faith in the North

Celebrating stories of faith

Brown cross with 4 smaller brown crosses at each quarter

Prayers for the Holy Land

We pray for peace

Blue and yellow flag with line image of a dove

A prayer for Ukraine

We continue to pray for Ukraine

The Archbishops' Commissions

The Archbishops have established Commissions which have as their remit consideration of aspects of life in England today

Splash of different coloured paints with MYC network written over in white

Missional Youth Church Network

Enabling 11-18 year olds to build community and discover faith in Jesus Christ

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