About Bishopthorpe Palace

Bishopthorpe Palace

Bishopthorpe Palace

A multi-functional building

Bishopthorpe Palace operates as a multi-functional premises, hosting working offices, meeting rooms, worship areas and living quarters. The palace and its grounds are also used for charity open days, retreats, evening receptions, village fetes, and more.
Bishopthorpe Palace in sunshine

Bishopthorpe Palace

A brief history of the Palace

A red candle being lit from a thin white candle - dark background

Prayer and Worship

Prayer and worship take place each day in Bishopthorpe Palace

Bishopthorpe Gatehouse seen through tulips

Seasons in the Garden

Bishopthorpe Palace has extensive grounds full of colour and variety

Exerior view of Bishopthorpe palace in the sun

Get in touch

Contact details for the Archbishop and staff

Please note that the Palace is not open to the public other than for pre-arranged group tours.

Sadly the waiting list is currently closed until 2026, so that we have an opportunity to clear the backlog of requests. Please check back for updates.