2. Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York


Paulinus 2027
Archbishop Stephen Cottrell looks at the anniversary of the establishment of the Church of Saint Peter in York and the baptism of King Edwin by Paulinus as an opportunity to learn from, reconnect with and compellingly communicate the heart of the Christian faith for all people. The purpose of marking the mission of Paulinus in 627 is not to look backwards, but to look forwards. In this second address, exploring church planting (as part of what it means to be a mixed ecology church), evangelism, and discipleship, we find out more of how the inspiration of the first predecessor of the Archbishop of York will become a touchstone for the 98th Archbishop’s ministry, mirroring the mission of Paulinus to engage with people and bring faith where it had never been, or had been lost. Central to this will be teaching the Lord’s Prayer and the basics of the Christian faith; encouraging missionary discipleship; enriching spirituality; using the arts to help people encounter the beauty of the Gospel; and building on the new pilgrimage routes of recent years to make visiting holy places across the north a deeply prayerful, impactful and gospel inspiring experience. To put its very simply: we wish to do in our day, what Paulinus did in his.

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