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Key Press Releases prior to January 2015
  1. Archbishop looking to altar whilst on vigil in York Minster

    Archbishop's Reflection on Vigil for Peace


    COMMENT - The Archbishop of York has described the response of people to his week-long fast and vigil for peace as "breath-taking".

  2. Archbishop John Sentamu in robes outside York Minster

    Archbishop of York calls on Government to show leadership over Iraq


    NEWS - The Archbishop of York has issued the following statement on 26 August 2014  following United Nations reports that 670 people were executed by ISIL in the city of Mosul, the worst recorded massacre committed by the Salafi-Jihadist group. 

  3. Candle on altar for vigil

    Archbishop Sentamu’s Vigil of Hope and Trust for Peace


    NEWS - The Archbishop of York Dr John Sentamu is to return to York Minster this Sunday 24 August as he begins a week-long fast and vigil of ‘Hope and Trust for the Peace of the World’.

  4. Archbishop's hands holding a cross

    Archbishop’s Lament for Suffering for First World War


    COMMENT - Speaking about our solemn duty and opportunity to reflect on the centenary of the First World War on BBC Radio York on Monday 4 August 2014, the Archbishop also will be praying for conflict resolution in Gaza.

  5. Archbishop John Sentamu in robes outside York Minster

    Prayers for the People of Mosul


    The Archbishop of York, Dr. John Sentamu, published three prayers for the people Mosul, highlighting the common suffering of both Christians and Muslims in Iraq. His prayers follow: 

  6. Archbishop speaking in House of Lords

    Assisted Dying Bill


    COMMENT - The Archbishop today made a speech during the Second Reading of the Assisted Dying Bill 

  7. Bishops of Whitby and Selby are consecrated at York Minster

    Consecrations of New Bishops of Selby and Whitby


    NEWS - Archbishop Sentamu will consecrate two new Bishops of the Diocese of York at York Minster on Thursday 3rd July.

  8. Living Wage Commission logo

    Living Wage Commission Reveals Blueprint for Lifting 1M Out of Low Pay


    NEWS - Recovery Means UK 'Working Poverty' Can Be Slashed by 2020, says Commission's Final Report 

  9. Living Wage Logo

    Paying The Living Wage - The Litmus Test Of A Fair Recovery.


    FEATURE - The Archbishop writes in The Guardian Online on seizing the opportunity to build a brighter future for the millions of forgotten workers who are struggling to make ends meet by paying a Living Wage. 

  10. Archbishop speaking at Living Wage Commission

    Work That Pays: The Final Report of the Living Wage Commission


    COMMENT - Speech given by Archbishop of York, Chair of the Living Wage Commission about Work That Pays: The Final Report of the Living Wage Commission