Mothers’ Union asks you to ‘RISE UP’ against domestic abuse with launch of new campaign


Archbishop Stephen stands with members of the Mothers Union, holding up RISE UP against domestic abuse posters

On Friday 22nd September, Mothers' Union will proudly launch its national initiative, RISE UP Against Domestic Abuse at York Minster supported by the Archbishop of York. Through its 40,000 strong membership across Britain and Ireland Mothers' Union aims to play its part in combating domestic abuse through awareness raising, resources, and support for those affected by domestic abuse, as well as fostering a culture of empathy and empowerment within our churches and communities. To kick start the awareness raising and launch the campaign a number of members will march between the York Barbican and York Minister on 22nd September.
Domestic abuse is a pervasive issue that affects individuals and families of all backgrounds, causing lasting harm and trauma. In response to this urgent need, Mothers' Union has initiated the RISE UP Against Domestic Abuse campaign, and are asking branches and churches to get involved. 
RISE UP is an acronym for Respond, Inform, Support, Empower, Unite and Pray.
Participants of the campaign are able to achieve Bronze, Silver or Gold awards based on their involvement.  To achieve the bronze first step, churches need to undertake a few simple but impactful actions that include displaying awareness raising posters in public spaces on Domestic abuse and how to access support, connecting with and supporting local providers of specialist services such as refuges, empowering people to speak up  about the impact of domestic abuse and to pray.
Hundreds of Mothers’ Union members across the UK and Ireland have already committed to take part. The charity is keen that people don’t hide behind miscommunicated Bible passages to justify their actions or feel like they should stay with an abusive partner.
Emily Brailsford, Domestic Abuse Manager at Mothers' Union, said “The RISE UP Against Domestic Abuse campaign is just one of the steps in our ongoing commitment to support and strengthen communities and families. We believe that by joining the Mothers’ Union members, church and community together we can take steps that will create informed churches that can support congregations and the wider community that will lead to a reducing in cases of domestic abuse.”
Stephen Cottrell, Archbishop of York, explains why he is supporting this initiative: “Domestic abuse can happen to anyone and whether this is verbal, mental or physical, it is never acceptable. I am pleased to support the Mothers’ Union ‘RISE UP’ initiative to build awareness of domestic abuse and take practical steps so more people are aware and incidents can be reduced.”
Mothers’ Union invite others to join us in this campaign or any of our other campaigns and projects that combat domestic abuse here or around the world.
This launch coincides with Mothers’ Union’s Annual Gathering, taking place in York Barbican on Friday 22nd September. This event will see over 700 members gather from across the UK and Ireland to showcase  the innovative ways Mothers’ Union members respond to issues raised in and by their communities. From supporting new mother’s, running toddler groups, volunteering and offering respite breaks for families in need – we do whatever the community needs, when they need it. The commitment of our members is what makes this all possible. A great example of this will see member Deb Lee, arrive at this year’s event in York having cycled over 200 miles from her home near Carlsie. Her sponsored bike ride is raising essential funds for the local work they do to support families.
For more information about Mothers’ Union "RISE UP Against Domestic Abuse" campaign or our other work, including how to become a member, please visit our website at

archbishop stephen stands with members of the Mothers Union
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