Spikey the hedgehog back at home in palace grounds



Spikey the hedgehog was returned to the grounds of Bishopthorpe Palace after recuperating at a local rescue centre.

David Atkinson, Palace Warden, who took the hedgehog to the recovery centre, was on hand to welcome and made sure that Spikey, in addition to another hedgehog named Pumpkin, were released close to a hedgehog home that he had built.

David said, “We see quite a few hedgehogs in the grounds here, and sometimes we come across ones that are obviously unwell, weak and thin. It’s fantastic to have Sarah nearby who works hard to bring the hedgehogs back to health. She has hedgehogs needing new homes, we have the space available to welcome them. We’re pleased to have this partnership with our local rescue centre.”

Sarah said, “It's great to be returning Spikey back home with Pumpkin. Hedgehog numbers have been in decline for decades due in part to changes in farming techniques, use of pesticides on farms and gardens, busy roads and loss of their preferred habitats. Here at Bishopthorpe, there are lots of safe spaces for them to live and shelter and plenty of food available. Introducing hedgehog houses in different places also offers something more secure for winter hibernation.”

To learn more how you can help hedgehogs visit the RSPCA website

Spikey the hedgehog back home in palace grounds
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