The North

It's important to me to be a voice for the North

Archbishop Stephen Cottrell

Although I was born and grew up in Essex, I lived and served in Huddersfield for nine years. I know and love the north of England. Two of our children were born here. The north of England is diverse; it is rich in heritage and culture, but it deserves better from national government. Now is a time of opportunity locally, regionally and nationally – it is a moment to make the most of.  Exploring this with the Church, with people of other faiths and with others in the wider society so that we can work together for the common good a priority.

Across the Northern Province there are many areas of great need and many opportunities for investment, regeneration and growth. I hope to be a voice for the North, sharing the liberating good news of the gospel and helping to address the discrepancies of wealth and investment that too often favour the South. 

The Diocese of York.