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Come and follow me

The invitation of Jesus Christ is ‘Come and follow me’. This call invites everyone. The way that we respond to that invitation however will vary enormously. God’s plans for us may look nothing like God’s plans for the person standing next to us.

It may be that God wants us to continue exactly where we are and be an ambassador of Jesus Christ demonstrating the grace of Jesus Christ to those around us. We may sometimes think that our work in the office, the home, the factory or the field is not particularly ambassadorial. But, if it is where we find ourselves as Jesus Christ's ambassadors,  it becomes the meeting place of heaven and earth.

Jesus may also call us to new places and to serve new people. A sending that may seem deeply scary. For those first disciples following Jesus meant leaving behind fishing nets, tax booths and political groups in order to join him in spreading the news of the Kingdom of God.

For some, following the call of Jesus means leaving their current work to be ordained into the Church of God where they will join in encouraging the whole people of God to preach the Kingdom in word and action. To invite others to become friends of Jesus Christ.

How do we know that we are in the right place doing the right thing?

The key is prayer. We need to spend time humbly before God asking what he would have us do.  We can pray with family and friends who may spot God’s call on our lives before we do!

You may also find it helpful to talk with your local parish priest and or the Diocesan Advisor on Vocations. The invitation of Jesus Christ is ‘Come! Follow me’,  how you respond is up to you.

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