Whitby Deanery

Whitby Deanery covers the coastal area around the fishing town of Whitby, and goes inland along the northern fringes of the North York Moors. This area has a rich Christian heritage: its monastery was home to St Hilda and Cædmon the poet, and the Synod of Whitby was held there in 664. Find out more about the churches in Whitby Deanery through the A Church Near You website

1st December 2015

10.30am Morning Prayer at St Mary's Church. Parkol boat builders. Caedmon College. St John's Church. Leave St John's Church at 1.30pm to walk along West Cliff.


2nd December 2015

Visit RAF Fylingdales. Robin Hoods Bay. Leave St Stephen's Church around 1.30pm to walk to Whitby.


3rd December 2015

Train from Whitby to Danby. Danby Primary School. Botton Village Community. Leave the Lion Inn at 1.30pm to walk to Ralph’s Cross.


4th December 2015

Leave Sneaton Priory at 9.00am to walk through Sandsend to Lythe. St Oswald's Church. Lythe Primary School. Lythe Community Shop. Mulgrave Estate.

5th December 2015

Goathland. Leave village at 9.30am to walk along railway path to Grosmont. Grosmont North York Moors Railway. St Hedda's Church at Egton Bridge.


6th December 2015

10.00am service at St Nicholas Church Roxby. Leave around 11.00am to walk to Hinderwell. St Hilda's Well. Staithes.