In April 2008, Dr John Sentamu called on the public to join him at York Minster for a vigil and to light a candle to stand in solidarity with the suffering people of Zimbabwe.

The Archbishop of York spent a day of fasting and prayer in York Minster in support of the people of Zimbabwe inviting the public to stand in solidarity.

The Archbishop's action followed a joint statement released with the Archbishop of Canterbury, calling for "a civil society movement that both gives voice to those who demand an end to the mayhem that grows out of injustice, poverty, exclusion and violence"

I want as many people as possible to join me at the Minster to pray for the situation in Zimbabwe and light a candle as a public demonstration of support for the people there. As a Christian community we must all stand together with our brothers and sisters living under the tyranny Mugabe and pray that they will find deliverance.

Archbishop Sentamu

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